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November 21, 2012 / Filipe Santos

Lift off!

Sreenshot of a Boinc client, running Einstein@home.

Boinc client, running Einstein@home.

I began this website today, and I welcome every visitor to it.  This is a website on volunteer computing, which is still a very geek-oriented subject. Volunteer computing is a term that refers to a person’s will of “donating” the computational power of his/her computer to science, participating in one or more scientific projects that require high computational power. This kind of projects “beg”  for every computer they can get and they count on you (or your computer, to be more precise) to help finding inteligent life in the universe or just to stop and erradicate malaria.

I am not an expert on the issue and as you can see in the “about” page of this website, I am here mainly to learn. I still have a very fuzzy, fragmented concept on this subject and would like to help on several of the scientific projects avaiable in the most efficient way. And this is where my doubts begin. Many of these projects are already enhanced to take full advantage of specific hardware that your computer may have and so, to be the most efficient possible, you must do your homework. What projects take the best advantage of your hardware? What software can you use to manage all your computer resources, so that you can help science in this projects but still have a good amount of computing power to do your daily tasks? How can you network several computers to build a more powerful infrastructure? 

In short, this is a website of a learner, not a teacher or an expert. I will be using this site as a Personal Learning Environment, a personal space where, by taking several beneffits of web 2.0 technology and using the appropriate pedagogy, I can enhance my learning. I will use this site to ask questions to the community, store the answers, structure them in a way that makes sense to me and finally publish them, so that others may learn from me as I have learnt from them.